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Socialism Today 153 - November 2011

Socialism Today 153 - November 2011

November 30 and beyond

Preparing for the showdown

The one-day public-sector strike on 30 November is expected to involve nearly four million workers – the biggest single day of industrial action in Britain’s history. In the face of the Con-Dem coalition’s savage austerity, public-sector workers are preparing for a hard struggle to defend pensions, services, pay and conditions. PETER TAAFFE writes on this potentially momentous turning point.

Lost in Euroland

As the eurozone crisis develops, its political and institutional leaders are becoming increasingly desperate as they look for a way out. All roads are treacherous. As ROBERT BECHERT reports, however, this is also a severe test for the left.

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The dubious Mr Fox
One Tory minister down

More cuts and a new wave of struggle

Students defy government ban

Lib Dems' broken promises
Pete Dickenson writes on the environmental retreat of the Lib Dems in office

Refusing to accept sexism
Eleanor Donne looks at the slutwalk protests, part of a movement of women fighting back

When workers brought down the Tories
Jim Horton on lessons to be drawn from the defeat of the 1970-74 Tory government

Poplar council 1921
Commemorating an historic struggle

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