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Issue 172 October 2013

Socialism Today 172 - October 2013

Britain’s weak and divided government

David Cameron has been strutting around on the world stage, loudly demanding military action against Syria. Yet when it came to it, he could not even get the support of his own parliament! HANNAH SELL assesses the meaning of this dramatic political defeat.

The independence referendum: one year to go

The Scottish independence referendum is taking place on 18 September 2014. An average of this year’s opinion polls indicates that currently one third of people would vote Yes for independence and around one half would vote No. While there are differences depending on which organisation conducts the poll, the trend over the last nine months has been relatively static. PHILLIP STOTT reports on the campaign so far.

After the Syriza congress

The leadership of Syriza is attempting to tighten its hold, as witnessed at the first congress of the now ‘unified’ party in July. The component organisations of Syriza (the Coalition of the Radical Left) will now be dissolved – "within a reasonable time". Its president was elected at the congress, making the position accountable to a congress which is held only every three years. ANDROS PAYIATSOS reports.

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