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Issue 201 September 2016

Socialism Today 201 - September 2016

The Corbyn insurgency 2.0

Jeremy Corbyn appears to be on course to be re-elected as Labour leader in September. But the bitter right-wing struggle against him shows there can be no compromise with the representatives of capitalism in the Labour Party. This time, argues HANNAH SELL, letís finish the job and really transform Labour into an anti-austerity socialist party.

Corbynís Brexit opportunity

The EU referendum result was a massive rejection of the capitalist establishment but voting Leave was not a vote for a governmental alternative. Now Jeremy Corbyn has the opportunity to use his Labour leadership re-election campaign to rally both Leave and Remain voters behind a programme for a socialist and internationalist break with the EU bossesí club, argues CLIVE HEEMSKERK.

Iraq, IS and the failing war on terror

Published earlier this year before the Chilcot report was finally released, Blood Year by counter-insurgency strategist David Kilcullen is a damning indictment of the so-called war on terror unleased by US imperialism in 2001, with the full support of Tony Blair. MANNY THAIN writes.

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