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Issue 204 Dec/Jan 2016/17

Socialism Today 204 - Dec/Jan 2016/17

Britainís shifting political contours

The referendum vote to leave the EU has thrown Britainís capitalist establishment into disarray. The new Tory government, with no electoral mandate of its own, is split from top to bottom. Right-wing Labour continues to plot Jeremy Corbynís downfall. Rumours of political realignments are rife. HANNAH SELL examines this volatile scene.

The futile search for capitalist stability

Donald Trumpís election under the banner of ĎAmerica Firstí adds a new volatile ingredient to world relations but he will face the same objective situation as Barack Obama before him Ė a weakened US imperialism in a multi-polar world, with the prolonged era of stagnation eating at the very possibility of stable capitalist rule. Analysing world perspectives, we are carrying here extracts from a draft statement of the International Executive of the Committee for a Workersí International (CWI), written in early November by PETER TAAFFE.

US lessons for Corbyn

The election of Donald Trump was met with protests by thousands of workers and young people in opposition to the racism and misogyny of the billionaire winner. His election is also leading to widespread discussion on how to create another weapon crucial to his defeat: an effective political alternative. Learning the lessons from Trumpís election will be vital not just in the US but internationally, including for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn in Britain. HANNAH SELL writes.

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