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Issue 214 Dec/Jan 2017/18

Socialism Today 214 - Dec/Jan 2017/18

European perspectives

Brexit, Catalonia and the rise of the AfD in Germany are an anticipation of even greater upheavals to come. Analysing European perspectives for the next period, we are carrying here extracts from a draft statement for the forthcoming meeting of the International Executive of the Committee for a Workersí International (CWI), written in early November by TONY SAUNOIS.

The nuclear threat

US president Trumpís standoff with North Korea and the numerous military conflicts around the world have renewed fear of the use of nuclear weapons. Although war between the major powers is not posed at the present time, todayís multipolar world is increasingly volatile. HANNAH SELL writes.

London social cleansing

Working-class people are being driven out of Britainís inner cities as property developers move in. Huge profits are being made from luxury accommodation while workers and young people are condemned to endure deteriorating conditions and sky-high rents. LINDA TAAFFE reviews a book focusing on Londonís housing crisis.

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Russian revolution timeline
December 1917 to 1940

Soviet peace talks
Leon Trotsky's appeal to workers internationally on ending the first world war - first English translation

The British invasion
When Britain invaded Soviet Russia, by Lynn Walsh

Bad Art
The world tour

Marx matters
David Harvey review