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Issue 220 July/August 2018

Socialism Today 220 - July/August 2018

Understanding the far-right threat

The political establishment has been rocked in recent years – and Trump’s election, right-wing populist gains in Europe and the Brexit vote fuel fears that the far-right is on the rise. The dangers are real enough. However, the potential for working-class action is often left out of the equation. As HANNAH SELL explains, its role in combating racism and the far-right is crucial.

Editorial: the new world disorder

Donald Trump’s brazen unilateralist ‘America First’ foreign policy is straining to the limits the architecture of international relations that has mediated the different interests of the world’s capitalist powers since 1945.

Ireland abortion victory: how the Yes was won

The referendum to scrap the ban on abortion passed easily with 66.4% to 33.6% on a turnout over 64%, the highest for any referendum in Ireland. The result was nearly an exact reversal of the 1983 vote which imposed the ban – except nearly a million more voted this time. As the government said it would legislate for abortion up to twelve weeks on request if Yes won, this was a clear and very strong pro-choice vote. Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) reporters explain how the Yes was won.

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