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Issue 224 Dec-Jan 2018/19

Socialism Today 224 - Ded-Jan 2018/19

In defence of socialist feminism

As the age of austerity arising from the great crash of 2007-08 enters its second decade, a new movement of women struggling against their oppression is taking shape. But mistaken ideas on how oppression can be ended have resurfaced too. The ideas of socialist feminism are ever more relevant, argues CHRISTINE THOMAS.

Editorial: Brexit as a window on our times

May’s deal is a Brexit-in-name-only agreement, drawn up to defend capitalist interests. While it leaves the details of the future relationship with the remaining EU27 member states to negotiations during the transition period after March 2019, it keeps the UK within the EU’s pro-big business regulatory orbit. And yet parliamentary approval of the deal can only be secured by May, if at all, by her bulldozing it through. Forcing it through on this basis would not be a sign of strength, however. The whole situation reflects the underlying social isolation and weakness of the ruling class, buffeted by the economic, social and political contradictions of declining British capitalism.

The revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg

On 15 January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the finest brains of the German working class and its most heroic figures, were brutally murdered by the bloodthirsty, defeated German military, backed to the hilt by the cowardly social-democratic leaders. PETER TAAFFE looks at Luxemburg’s inspirational, revolutionary legacy.

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