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Argentina revolt


A succession of presidents are forced out by mass protests, Tony Saunois writes:

EIGHT GENERAL STRIKES in 18 months. Mass protests by hundreds of thousands of workers and middle-class people. The stock markets closed for all but a few days since December because dealers have no funds. More ...

The world after Afghanistan

The re-assertion of US power is creating new contradictions and new instability


PDS In Berlin coalition

The PDS joins the governing coalition in Germany's capital - but the cuts continue


Education In class society 

Martin Powell-Davies on the education philosophy behind New Labour's 'reforms'


Institutionalising segregation

Hugo Pierre examines the arguments around

the 'faith school' issue



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Tony Blair's new domestic disorder


Kashmir flashpoint

Regional nuclear powers jockey for position


Sri Lanka

Communalism rebuffed but no solution near


Putin's foreign policy

Russia in the post-September world





Definitely not 'the new Communist Manifesto’