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Socialism Today 78 - October 2003


Socialism Today 78 cover - Plundering Africa, WTO breakdownWTO breakdown


THE BREAKDOWN OF the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Conference, held in Cancún, Mexico (10-14 September), is a blow to the world’s two dominant capitalist trading blocs, the US and the EU. Their agenda was rejected by the majority of the under-developed countries present. In a period of stagnant economic growth, this is another symptom of the growing tensions in world economic relations. The set-back to the US, in particular, is also an expression of the difficulties arising for US imperialism from its costly entanglement in Iraq.


US / UK occupation faces a rising tide of resistance


US imperialism is bogged down in an escalating guerrilla war. There are a dozen or more attacks on US/British forces everyday, and increasingly sophisticated bombings of military patrols and high-profile targets. Daily deaths and casualties from indiscriminate retaliation by occupation forces are arousing more and more resentment and anger, as are the security sweeps of residential areas. Electricity, water and other basic services have still not been fully restored. LYNN WALSH writes.


Africa: the new colonies


Over recent years, the US regime has renewed its interest in Africa. Impetus was added after the al-Qa’ida attacks of 11 September 2001. ‘National security’ became interwoven with the ‘war on terror’, alternatives to Middle East oil a priority. Trade deals and troop deployments followed. MANNY THAIN reports.

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