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Socialism Today 83 - May 2004

Socialism Today 83 - May 2004

Iraq rising

LAST MONTH THE leaders of US imperialism made massive tactical blunders in Iraq. By launching a revenge attack on Falluja and attempting to ‘capture or kill’ Moqtada al-Sadr, the US weakened its already crumbling political base and ignited a countrywide uprising, uniting Sunnis and Shias in a nationalist insurgency against the imperialist occupation.

EU enlargement, but no celebrations

On 1 May ten countries joined the European Union (EU) after months of negotiations and a series of successful referendums. ‘New Europe’, as famously described by Donald Rumsfeld, has married ‘Old Europe’. But is this the wedding that will lead to the break up of the EU? KARL DEBBAUT reports.

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