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Socialism Today 84 - June 2004

Socialism Today 84 - June 2004

A colonial war of subjugation

Saddam’s notorious Abu Ghraib prison is now a US-run centre for the subjugation of the Iraqi people. The reports of systemic torture and abuse – including gruesome and degrading photos – have enraged people around the world. With 30 June looming – the date an interim puppet government nominally takes over – Bush and Blair’s plans lie in ruins. PETER TAAFFE writes.

The Israel/Palestine cycle of violence

Violent repression against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza has plumbed new depths, with intensified military assaults on civilian areas, ‘targeted assassinations’, and people forced out of their bulldozed homes.

In order to cling to power in the face of potentially damaging corruption allegations, Ariel Sharon is attempting to balance between contending forces in the Israeli state. JENNY BROOKS explains the significance of recent events.

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