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Socialism Today 87 - October 2004


‘Graver than Vietnam’

DURING SEPTEMBER, THE conflict in Iraq reached a new level of intensity. The countrywide insurgency, a national resistance made up of many different forces, grew stronger and became more extensive. It is clear that the US, British and other imperialist forces have lost control of most of the cities of the Sunni triangle (north and west of Baghdad), as well as large areas of the Shia south. The puppet government of Iyad Allawi, which rests on US-British military forces, has only very limited control even of Baghdad itself.

Blair’s home front

Tony Blair tried to use soothing words at the Trades Union Congress to silence his critics. But his government’s planned assault on the main civil service union, PCS, and its general neo-liberal offensive, resulted in the most hostile reception ever received at the TUC by a Labour Party leader. PETER TAAFFE looks at the widening gulf between New Labour and the unions, and on the need for a militant fightback against public-sector attacks.

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