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Socialism Today 89 - February 2005


Socialism Today 89 - February 2005

Natural disaster

Political earthquake

ON 26 DECEMBER, a colossal earthquake under the sea off Sumatra caused devastation in the region and sent powerful shock-waves, tsunami, across the Indian Ocean. The rapidly moving, lethal waves smashed without warning onto the shores of 13 Asian and African countries, causing phenomenal destruction, especially in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The impact of the tsunami was absolutely catastrophic, a human tragedy on an unimaginable scale.

Cuba revisited

What are the prospects for the Cuba today? PETER TAAFFE reviews two recent books that provide illuminating insights into the history of Cuba and the current situation.

Twenty years after 1905

A speech by Leon Trotsky

This a speech made by Leon Trotsky on 26 December 1925 and reproduced in the Soviet newspaper, Pravda, on 8 January 1926 under the title, ‘Cherez Dvadtsat Let 1905’ (Twenty Years After 1905). The speech was made at the Second Congress of the Society of Political Prisoners and Deportees. Translated by PETE DICKENSON, this is the first translation from the Russian original.

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