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Socialism Today issue 94, September 2005


No to Terror, No to War, Socialism Today cover, issue 94Britain’s 9/11

The London bombings in July shook the capital and spread fear throughout British society.

PETER TAAFFE assesses the situation in Britain after the bombings and outlines a programme for the anti-war movement.

After the constitutional stitch-up…

The fragmentation of Iraq?

Life under US-British military occupation is a living hell for most Iraqis. Despite sending over 100,000 troops and spending over $300bn, US imperialism has failed to defeat the insurgency or restore vital services to the people. Facing a rising tide of anti-war opinion at home, the Bush regime is desperately searching for an exit strategy. It has pushed for the early adoption of a constitution that is likely to accelerate the slide towards civil war and the break-up of the country. LYNN WALSH writes.

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