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Socialism Today 102 - July-August 2006


Latin America in revolt against neo-liberalism

Latin America is currently at the cutting edge of class struggle. A continental revolt is taking place from the Rio Grande in the north to Punto del Fuego in the south against governments and ruling elites which have relentlessly followed neo-liberal free-market policies for more than a decade. TONY SAUNOIS, a recent visitor to Brazil and Chile, reports.

Bogged down in Iraq

A rare outbreak of apparent ‘good news’ from Iraq sparked a flurry of activity from US and British politicians. In quick succession, it was announced that the ‘government of national unity’ had finalised its cabinet, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had been killed, and the British state is withdrawing its troops from a region of Iraq. These events were seized on by the main prosecutors of the occupation: US president, George W Bush, and British prime minister, Tony Blair. MANNY THAIN reports.

EuroPride or EuroShame?

What do the Mayor of London, British Airways, Virgin Mobile, Ford,, the Trades Union Congress (TUC), the Metropolitan Police,, Gay Times and Diva magazines all have in common? They are sponsors of EuroPride 2006 which this year takes place in July in London. MARC VALLEE writes on the commercialisation of Pride.

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