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Socialism Today No107 - March 2007


Socialism Today 107 - March 2007

Surging to disaster

BUSH IS MORE isolated than any other US president in modern times Ė apart from Nixon during the final, disastrous throes of the Vietnam war. Last Novemberís mid-term elections, which gave the Democrats control of Congress, were mainly a vote against Bush and the war. Since then, public opinion has moved even more strongly against the war, with only about a quarter of Americans approving of Bushís policy on Iraq. Yet Bush rejected the report of the bipartisan (Republican/Democrat) Iraq Study Group, which aimed to provide Bush with political cover for some kind of exit strategy.

Blairís nuclear proliferation

Blair and Brown are rushing their plan through parliament to update Britainís nuclear weapons. At an initial cost of £20 billion, the 160 warheads will have the combined destructive force of 1,280 Hiroshimas. Alternatively, that money could pay for hundreds of thousands of nurses and teachers, and provide other essential social services. LYNN WALSH reports.

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