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Issue 194 Dec/Jan 2015/16

Socialism Today 194 - Dec/Jan 2015/16

Socialism or ecological catastrophe

The publication of this special edition of Socialism Today coincides with the 21st United Nations conference (COP 21) on the environment, held in Paris. The failure of past conferences reflects the underlying contradictions of capitalism - and to avert ecological catastrophe requires a socialist planned economy, run under workers’ democracy.

Climate talks: 25 years of hot air

For 25 years, establishment politicians have talked about tackling global warming – since discussions held in the run-up to the Earth summit of 1992. Most of them now agree that human action is driving potentially catastrophic climate change. But, as BEN ROBINSON reports, they have done nothing to deal with this threat, bound as they are to the profit-driven capitalist system they represent.

A world of change

Human beings have radically altered the Earth, adapting nature in the struggle to survive and thrive. The pace of change accelerated rapidly with the development of agriculture and class-based society. It hit breakneck speed in the industrial revolution, and with post-war scientific and technological breakthroughs. Many now say that we have entered a distinctive geological epoch – a new human era, the Anthropocene. JESS SPEAR, a member of Socialist Alternative in Seattle, USA, reports.

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