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Issue 215 February 2018

Socialism Today 215 - February 2018

Corbynismís critical year

As Britainís weak Tory government clings on Ė and numerous social, political and economic shocks threaten its downfall Ė a key factor is whether the Labour Party can provide a mass alternative to harsh austerity. This is one of the main themes in the British Perspectives document for the Socialist Partyís national congress in March, drafted by HANNAH SELL, from which we print edited extracts.

Austria: anti-racism, anti-austerity

On 13 January, tens of thousands of people filled Viennaís main shopping street to protest against the new right-wing coalition government formed by the conservative ÷VP (Austrian Peopleís Party) and the far-right FP÷ (Freedom Party of Austria). This government had only been in power for a few weeks and had already horrified an increasing number of people with its fully fledged austerity combined with state-sponsored racism and authoritarianism. CHRISTIAN BUNKE, from Sozialistische Linkspartei (CWI Austria) reports.

Iran: a revolutionary opening

Mass protests in December and January shook Iranís reactionary regime to the core. Although facing severe repression, they signal a new confidence and preparedness by workers and young people to fight for their rights, in opposition to systemic corruption, repression and inequality. ROBERT BECHERT writes.

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