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Socialism Today 93 - July/August 2005

Socialism Today 93 - July/August 2005

G8 protest: workers of the world unite

Hundreds of thousands of people are marching through the streets of Edinburgh in July. In their desire for world change they will be joined by billions world-wide – those who are condemned to live on less than a dollar a day and those who are dismayed by the prevalence of such poverty. SARAH SACHS-ELDRIDGE reports on the debt/aid scandal, and outlines a socialist alternative.

Europe in turmoil

THE CRUSHING rejection of the proposed EU constitution in France and the Netherlands represents the biggest defeat for the EU ‘project’ since the establishment of the European Union (EU). The referenda results were also a clear rejection of neo-liberal policies and the political establishment.

This article is extracted from a new CWI publication, Europe in turmoil – a socialist analysis, available, for £1, from: CWI Publications, PO Box 3688, London, E11 1YE or the CWI website:

Germany: left alliance promises fresh breeze

Support for the ruling coalition of the social-democratic SPD and Greens has collapsed as opposition to its vicious attacks on social provision, work conditions and wages grows. Out of workers’ protests, the WASG party (work and social justice alternative) was set up. Now, WASG is linking up with SPD dissident, Oskar Lafontaine. KIM OPGENOORTH reports on dynamic developments on the German left.

Translated from the German by Tanja Niemeier




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