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Socialism Today 104 - October 2006


Socialism Today 104 - October 2006

Cuba: What will happen after Castro?

Will Cuba inevitably go the way of Russia and Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, with the return of a virulent capitalism? This question is prompted by the recent illness of Fidel Castro, reportedly suffering from intestinal problems, and his temporary handing over power to his brother Raúl Castro in August. PETER TAAFFE analyses the situation.

German states reject the grand coalition

THE 17 September regional elections in the states of Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern dramatically illustrated the increasing unpopularity of all the governing parties. They showed the possibilities of building a fighting, left opposition clearly campaigning against the cuts. But they were also another warning of how neo-fascists can exploit the absence of any left alternative. ROBERT BECHERT reports.

UK energy review sham

THIS SUMMER the trade and industry minister, Alistair Darling, presented a review of UK energy needs. He argued that climate change and the need to provide secure cleaner energy were the big challenges we faced. One of the review’s key proposals though was to promote the long-term use of coal and gas to generate Britain’s energy needs, in the report’s words, "maximising exploitation of North Sea (oil and gas) reserves… and securing the long-term future of coal generation". PETE DICKENSON reports.

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TUC 2006
Blair's last TUC conference

Silent on class
The immigration 'debate'

Sweden's elections
Why the social democrats lost


Scotland's shifting politics
Philip Stott reports on the political situation developing ahead of next May's elections

The Suez fiasco
Lynn Walsh looks at the events of fifty years ago, and striking parallels with Blair's Iraq lies

The Black Panther Party
Forty years since their foundation, there are still lessons to be learnt from the Panthers, argues Hannah Sell

Speakers include:

Mark SerwotkaMark Serwotka, general secretary of the civil servants' union PCS

The PCS has led important struggles against government attacks on workers pay and conditions

Lucy RedlerLucy Redler, WASG regional executive committee and SAV (Socialist Alternative - CWI, Germany).

Leading anti-cuts campaigner in Berlin

Tommy SheridanTommy Sheridan MSP, leader of the newly formed Solidarity - the Scottish Socialist Movement.

Tommy recently defeated Murdoch's News Of The World in a famous court case.


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