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Socialism Today 149 - June 2011

Socialism Today 149 - June 2011

The eurozone’s Greek crisis (2.0)

The severe economic crisis in Greece is deepening – along with Ireland and Portugal, not to mention Spain. Divisions between EU politicians are widening.

If the much discussed possibility of a Greek default is realised, it would shake the entire eurozone, and trigger further global financial turmoil.

Over two articles, LYNN WALSH assesses the situation.


After the May elections…

Can the anti-cuts movement find a political voice?

An electoral backlash against the Con-Dems has begun. But what are the prospects of anti-cuts anger finding a political outlet which can turn back the ‘age of austerity’? What is the role of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in building this? CLIVE HEEMSKERK writes.

Debating Nato's Libya intervention

A letter on whether socialists should support the call for Nato air strikes - with a reply by PETER TAAFFE

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The National Shop Stewards Network
Central to building the anti-cuts movement in Britain

Canada's election rollercoaster
Tories win, but surprise surge for NDP

Passing the carbon emissions buck
How rich nations are fiddling the carbon emission figures

Young, gifted and striking back
Ben Robinson looks at the significance of the student movement in the anti-cuts struggle

Inequality rising
Bill Hopwood reviews The Spirit Level, a work which in many ways makes the socialist case

The Net Delusion
Virtual revolution and how to change the world