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Socialism Today 158 - May 2012

Socialism Today 158 - May 2012

The pensions battle continues

The need for concerted strike action against Con-Dem cuts in the public sector is more urgent than ever. Central to that struggle is the ongoing battle to stop the government forcing workers to work longer, pay more and get less. PETER TAAFFE reports.

Corporate cash hoarders stunt growth

Big corporations are accumulating massive cash hoards. Despite record profits, there is a dearth of investment in production. Corporate surpluses, moreover, are linked to public-sector deficits. Cash hoarders should be subject to an immediate levy on idle capital to finance public works and reduce mass unemployment. LYNN WALSH reports.

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May day detainees ruling

Restructuring, cuts and privatisation

Extreme weather link
Pete Mason examines extreme weather and climate change

The royal show
The diamond jubilee show is on the road. Manny Thain looks at the role of the royals

New parties of the left
Robert Bechert reviews a recent book on the European experience of new left formations

A champion of the poor
A look at the novels of Charles Dickens

Pitmen painters
When coal miners became artists

The Hunger Games
The new film: a comment on resistance?

On electoral fraud, HS2, and the review of Life & Fate

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