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Socialism Today 159 - June 2012

Socialism Today 159 - June 2012

Greece: workers versus capitalism

The elections on 6 May were a clear rejection of austerity by the majority of people in Greece. With a re-run due on 17 June, the political establishment and international capitalists are waging a fierce propaganda war to get the result they desire: a government pushing further savage cutbacks. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the left-wing coalition, Syriza, called it "a war between peoples and capitalism". TONY SAUNOIS (CWI) and ANDROS PAYIATOS (Xekinima CWI Greece) report.

Editorial: Euro crisis - Greece heads for the exit

The eurozone is being convulsed by turbulent economic forces and political upheavals. Ten governments have been overturned since 2008, with the rejection of austerity policies. There have been a continuous series of public-sector strikes, general strikes, protests and riots. Now, many eurozone leaders fear that the possible victory on 17 June of an anti-austerity, Syriza-led government in Greece could trigger the departure of Greece from the eurozone, with incalculable repercussions.

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition here to stay

May's elections was only the second time the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has stood in local polls. Its 6.2% average vote achieved by its 134 local council candidates up from last year, and in a bigger percentage of seats was felt by all involved to be a solid basis for continuing the task of building a trade union-based and socialist electoral alternative. CLIVE HEEMSKERK reports.

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