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Socialism Today 161 - September 2012

Socialism Today 161 - September 2012

Towards a 24 hour general strike

The feel-good Olympics cannot disguise the catastrophic position facing British capitalism, or the potential for social explosions inherent in the situation. PETER TAAFFE looks at Britain in the run-up to the October 20 TUC demonstration, and what will be needed next to step up the fight against austerity.

Fighting back against street harassment

A recent documentary film into harassment on the street has provided a shocking portrayal of the difficult and often scary daily experiences of women. Available research has shown that all social groups are affected - between 85% and 95% of women report having experienced such harassment. SARAH WRACK looks at the issue.

A way out of depression?

Global capitalism is mired in depression. A Keynesian tract for our times proposes a way out - and is reviewed by LYNN WALSH.

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Severe drought hits crops

The continuing struggle

Carbon tax
Australian measure meets resistance

The Syrian cauldron
Where armed struggle, ethnic tensions and foreign powers meet. Niall Mulholland reports

Everything Flows
Vasily Grossman's last novel

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