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Socialism Today 88 - December-January 2004/05


Socialism Today issue 88 cover: The Reckoning to come

The reckoning to come

THE WORLD AND almost half the Americans who voted on 2 November are reeling at the re-election of George W Bush. A majority, according to numerous polls, are opposed to his policy on Iraq and his handling of the economy.

Recent months have seen some of the biggest ever demonstrations in New York and Washington DC, against the war and in defence of abortion rights. Yet this time Bush, front man for the most rapacious section of big business, was able to win a narrow popular majority, 51% to Kerry’s 48% (leaving aside, for a moment, the issue of ballot rigging). How could it happen?

How could Bush have won?

The election of George W Bush to a second term as US president has shocked the world. Its effect in the US has been no less devastating. In the first of two articles from members of Socialist Alternative (CWI, US) PHILIP LOCKER explains Bush’s victory, while TY MOORE reports on the independent campaign of Nader and Camejo.

More war years?

Will the next four years really be ‘more of the same’? PETER TAAFFE looks at the implications of Bush’s victory on world relations.


The US economy ‘running on fumes’

During the presidential election Bush diverted attention away from the US economy. Yet the richest, most powerful country in the world is also its biggest debtor, with its economy slowing down. LYNN WALSH takes an in-depth look at the processes taking place and the latest developments in the US and world economies.

Also:  World economy- A new oil crisis

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