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Socialism Today 95 - October 2005


Socialism Today 95 - October 2005Race, class & Katrina

When Katrina flooded New Orleans, the working-class poor, mostly African-Americans, were abandoned to their fate. ‘Relief’ later arrived in the form of military occupation, like Baghdad under water. Katrina turned the spotlight on US capitalism’s social disaster of class polarisation, poverty and racism. Bush, writes LYNN WALSH, now faces a political storm.

Electoral success for German left

‘For the economy, these results are a disaster’, said the chief executive of Altona AG, Nikolaus Schweickart. The capitalists’ hopes of stepping up attacks on the rights of workers and unemployed people under a conservative/liberal coalition government have for now sunk into the chaos of post-election Germany. The only victors are the left and the protest movements against neo-liberal policies. SASCHA STANICIC, general secretary of Sozialistische Alternative (SAV – CWI Germany), reports.


Muslims in Britain

After the horrific bombings in London on 7 July, suspicion and blame was levelled at the whole Muslim community. Racist attacks and police harassment have increased. The government is pushing through increasingly repressive legislation. HANNAH SELL reports.

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