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Issue 226 March 2019

Socialism Today 226 - March 2019

Britain’s historic political crisis

Brexit has blown apart the political establishment. Theresa May’s minority government stumbles on, her Tory party completely split. Jeremy Corbyn leads a Labour Party where MPs openly talk of desertion to some new ‘centre’ party. An anaemic economy barely limps along. In an edited extract from the British perspectives document for the Socialist Party’s national congress in March, HANNAH SELL examines this unprecedented crisis.

Editorial: The end of the road

Following January’s crushing parliamentary rejection of the withdrawal agreement treaty negotiated with the EU27 countries, May restored a semblance of Tory unity two weeks later. She managed to take another big step in running down the clock to Brexit day, in the hope of scaring enough MPs to back whatever is on offer in the days before 29 March. However, there is no certainty she can push through a withdrawal agreement or that a no-deal breakdown can be averted.

Socialists and the May elections

For the first time since 2009 there will be no Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates standing in the local council elections that take place each May. CLIVE HEEMSKERK looks at the reasons behind this decision – followed by a timeline which puts on record the important role TUSC has played in the struggle to rebuild working-class political representation.

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