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Bush’s ‘war on terror’ after Bali

THE BLOODY BOMBING of the Sari Club in Kuta Beach, Bali, on 12 October provoked shock and outrage around the world, especially in Australia, home of most of the victims.

Nearly 200 died and at least 300 were injured. This was a completely indiscriminate attack against young people, from Australia and Europe, clubbing while holidaying in Bali. Some local staff and bystanders were also killed or injured. We condemn this indiscriminate bombing, which plays into the hands of imperialism and local reactionary forces.


Radical Latin America

A NEW wave of radicalisation is sweeping through the Latin American continent. It is reflected in increased support for radical populist movements in many countries and the landslide victory of the Workers’ Party (PT) candidate, Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva, in Brazil’s presidential election.


Critical Moments for Blair

For the first time since Tony Blair became leader of the Labour Party, there is open speculation about his future. While at this stage rumours of his political demise may well be exaggerated, they do give a hint of what could come. But would a change in the leadership change the character of the Labour Party?



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