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Socialism Today 144 - December/January 2010/11

Socialism Today 144 - December/January 2010/11

Just the beginning

When 50,000 students marched through London on November 10 both the police and student union leaders were shocked at the scale of the mobilisation. This was, however, an indication of the depth of the anger at the Con-Dem coalition’s savage cuts and a growing determination to fight back. PETER TAAFFE assesses the significance of this event and the potential to build an all-Britain movement against the government’s plans.

Quantitative easing

Plan B – will it work?

In a desperate move to boost US growth, the Federal Reserve has launched QE2, a second round of quantitative easing. Its main effect will be to devalue the dollar, an attempt to boost its exports at the expense of its rivals, particularly China. This unilateral action by US imperialism can only intensify the currency wars and trade conflicts. LYNN WALSH reports.

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End of the first round

Two years on
Obama fails to deliver

Cutting back on cutting greenhouse gases
Pete Dickenson looks at how Con-Dem cuts will affect greenhouse gas emissions

Cuba: the future uncertain
Is Cuba on the road to capitalist restoration asks Tony Saunois?

Dylan and the Communist Party
Frank Riley looks at how the CP built up Bob Dylan and then tried to knock him down

The continuing impact of Jack London

Hawking and Penrose
New thoughts on the ultimate questions

Made in Dagenham in 1968
How we reported the strike at the time

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