Brexit: no unity with capitalist politicians

By summer 2019 Theresa May had fallen, but the Labour right were blocking a no confidence motion in the new Johnson government. The following Socialism Today editorial was published in the October 2019 edition, No.232.

Have the September shenanigans in Westminster fatally undermined the chances of a Corbyn-led government being elected this autumn? And, as pertinently, what do they say about the character of such a government if it were to come to power in the midst of the political crisis and looming economic turbulence now confronting British capitalism?

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Stand firm for socialist policies to stop Tory attacks

The 2019 general election was held on December 12. The following article is the text of the special supplement of The Socialist, issue 1067(1), produced as the results came in and printed and distributed on 13 December 2019.

The Tories have won a substantial parliamentary majority. Boris Johnson’s victory speech talked about being a ‘one-nation Conservative’ and promised increased spending on the NHS. This is a lie. When Maggie Thatcher won in 1979 she quoted Frances of Assisi, promising to bring harmony and hope to Britain.

Instead, she ruled ruthlessly and attacked the working class. Johnson will do the same and rule not for the ‘whole nation’ but the billionaires. His manifesto promised an immediate assault on the rights of rail workers to strike. This, combined with the recent brutal anti-democratic court rulings against the postal workers’ union, the CWU, gives a glimpse of the attacks on workers’ rights to come.

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